Fire resistant sleeves

Vigot.There are many important details in the production of fire-resistant sleeves. The required material properties are therefore carefully documented. The quality of this product is very important and should not be neglected, for the safety of your employees and yourself. Cable Connection only works with the best certified products of course.

Material fire conduits
Vigot fire sleeves are made of a mineral backing material with a special impregnated coating. This heat protection mesh is harmless and fully meets the requirements of health and safety regulations. The special coating is self-extinguishing and does not contain halogenated flameproof substances.The coatings are resistant to oil and solvents. They have top mechanical resistance as well as good wear resistance.Thanks to the extraordinary thickness of the mesh, backing material and coating, the sleeves can reach extremely high levels of short-term resistance to high temperatures,puncturing and heat transfer.

Fire resistant hoses are used in many industries. Think of the chemical industry, energy, automotive, shipping and aerospace engineering.

Vigot is accredited with various certificates for quality. For a list of certificates and documentation please contact us through the form below.

Cable Connection provides various types of fire protection hoses. Please feel free to contact us for advice.

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Look at the brochures of Vigot.

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