You profit from a fluctuating copper price
The market for copper is a capricious market, a fact that doesn't have to mean a disadvantage. Better still, the small changes on the market -with its limited buyers- can mean big changes for you. A temporary rise in copper prices can be ignored while you wait for a more favorable price to buy at Cable Connection. We understand that, and that's why Cable Connection works with a transparant pricing system. you pay a fixed price for cable material, and a variable price for the copper. A fair deal we think.

DEL listing
our variable price for copper is based on the DEL Notierung/Notiz (Deutsche Elektrolyt Kupfer Notierung),  expressed in euro's per 100 kilogram. It is the most widely used and most recognized pricing system for copper.
Below you can see a graph:
lower Kupfer DEL-Notiz (in Euro per 100 kg) upper Kupfer DEL-Notiz (in Euro per 100 kg)

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