Safety first! Cable Connection offers a wide range of cable grips produced by Walter Schön GmbH. Cable grips are a practical and safe solution for the installation of electricity cables, control cables, communication cables and high-voltage cables. They are also used to relieve the force on a cable or hose by distributing the weight over a larger area.

thanks to years of experience and user feedback these cable grips have significantly improved in quality over the years. Currently the cable grips are produced from high grade galvanized nineteen-fold Bowden pulling wires.

The flexible and cylindrical woven mesh adjusts to the diameter of the cable and forms a tight grip around the cable exterior without the risk of slipping. This ensures the cable can only grip tighter as more tension is put on the cable.
A very Important factor to get the desired strength from the grip is to make sure the cable diameter is within the diameter reach of the cable grip  If the grips are too big they could slide of if placed under tension!
Cable Connection would gladly advise you about the size of cable grip you need. If desired we can visit your location. We are always looking for the best solution after all.


No minimum order quantity
We also produce custom cable grips made to your desired specifications – without minimal order requirement!

Fitting advice for special cases
For any special application – like in seawater or water treatment plant – we can produce cable grips from stainless steel DIN 1.4401 or monofiber plastic for example. Great care should be taken with plastic, as it cannot withstand the same forces as steel and is vulnerable to UV radiation. We are of course always able to advise you about the possibilities.

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