Saenroll spinner
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saenroll_spinnerA cable dispenser suitable for rolling of flex-tube and various kinds of wire which are packed in a box or foil. This dispenser can be of great help feeding wire through walls and prevents it from curling up. A lot of time is saved, as it is now possible for a single person to install wiring. Because the cable is unwound from the inside out the foil package stays intact and makes it easy to switch cables on the spinner. Transporting the spinner is effortless, it is as big as the rolled up cable itself. The bottom consists of four rubber non-slip buffers.


Weight: 8 Kg
Max. Capacity: 50 Kg
Length: 320 mm
Width: 330 mm
Height: 410 mm
Minimum diameter cable ring inside: 130 mm
Maximum diameter cable outer ring: 600 mm

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